Are you getting married in Colorado and can’t decide between having a big traditional wedding or an elopement? It can feel so difficult to choose one or the other, since they’re so different! That’s why I LOVE intimate micro weddings! A micro wedding is a smaller-scale version of a traditional wedding, typically with 50 guests or fewer. This type of wedding has become increasingly popular in recent years for a number of reasons.

With micro weddings, couples can enjoy more intimate and personalized experiences, save money, reduce stress and simplify the planning process, and still have the chance to celebrate their love with close friends and family. Additionally, having a micro wedding can provide a unique opportunity to focus on what truly matters and create lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come! Come see why my clients LOVE opting for a micro wedding in Colorado!

Why My Clients Love Micro Weddings | Colorado Wedding Photographer

All of the couples showcased in this post opted for wedding celebrations with just their closest friends and/or family in the gorgeous state of Colorado. They were able to make it more of a full weekend experience with their guests, and invest more in other areas – like getting a private chef, booking the airbnb for a whole week for their friends as a vacation combo, some were destination weddings, and were able to pay for housing/travel for their guests instead of paying for a bigger wedding at home.

With a micro wedding, you’re able to have more quality time spent with all your guests! All of these couples chose to value quality time with their favorite people over a big wedding for more guests, who they might not know as well. This option is great for people who don’t necessarily love being the center of attention, but still want to celebrate their love with the closest people in their lives. Overall, micro weddings offer a more relaxed, meaningful, and cost-effective alternative to larger weddings, making them an appealing option for couples who want to celebrate their love in a more intimate and intentional way. Colorado is filled with endless locations for your micro wedding!

Love From My Clients From Their Micro Wedding Day In Colorado!

“Dani shot our small family-only wedding in 2020 and we met day of. She made us feel so comfortable and captured amazing moments of our special day. When it came time to confirm a photographer for our larger wedding, we knew we wanted to keep working with Dani. I cannot say enough amazing things about her work ethic, communication and skill. You cannot go wrong hiring Dani to capture your special moments.”

“I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to take our pictures. I am truly so grateful for you”

Dani Haims Photography | Colorado Micro Wedding Photographer

I love capturing my clients special day all over Colorado! Whether you decide on a traditional wedding or a micro wedding, I’m here for you! Are you ready to plan an epic micro wedding with me by your side? If so, head over to my contact page so we can get started with your special day!

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bride and groom during their wedding at the alter

Stuck Between an Elopement or a Big Traditional Wedding? Introducing the Intimate Micro Wedding!

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