Your Colorado engagement photos are a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera before your big day! These photos are going to be something you’re always going to want to look back on, so let’s make sure you look and feel your best. I’m going to be talking about the best outfits to bring to your engagement session that will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and look amazing on photo. Come check them out below!!

Colorado Engagement Photo Outfits: The Basics

Let’s start with the basics! You want something that is going to be neutral on camera and not overpowering. Think whites, blacks, soft greens, maroon paired with denim. To spice things up, play around with textures and layering! Flowy items can be fun for extra movement. Speaking of movement, I do encourage a lot of movement with my sessions, so make sure you wear something you can walk/move around comfortably in!

Let’s Get Adventurous!

Since you’re choosing an outfit for your adventurous Colorado engagement photos, then you’re probably already aware that there may be some hiking involved! So, be sure to bring an extra pair of comfy shoes for walking around outdoor locations that require hiking. If you’re hiking up to the mountains, also consider bringing layers! It gets cold up there!!

How to Radiate Confidence in your Colorado Engagement Photos

A huge tip I have when it comes to picking out your engagement photo outfits, is to bring a few options! You’re welcome to bring some casual clothes and also some fancier choices. If you’re not sure which items to choose or pair together, I’m more than happy to help pick! Make sure to bring clothes that represent you as a person, and make you feel comfortable and confident! If you love how you look in an outfit, that will radiate in the pictures. Finally, don’t worry about trying to dress a certain way that might not feel super “you.” The love and connection between you and your partner will be more of a focal point than any outfit!

Outfits I Don’t Recommend for your Engagement Session

Like I said above, I want you to feel confident and LOVE whatever you are wearing, but there are a few things I would steer clear of when picking out your engagement photo outfits. Say no to the neons and the super bright colors and anything with big logos on it. You want something timeless and classic that you will always love. Also, think of the color tones in the location you are picking. If your session is around red rocks, consider if you want to wear red to match the surroundings, or wear a different color to stand out more.

Pay Attention to the Weather!

Consider the location and the time of year/weather when choosing outfits. Even if your session is in the
summertime, I do recommend bringing a sweater or jacket. This is because many locations in Colorado get chilly as the sun goes down! If it’s a location that requires a lot of hiking, feel free to bring fancy shoes, but also bring shoes that allow you to walk around safely and comfortably between photo spots! If your engagement session is in the mountains or during the winter months, pay attention to the road and weather conditions! Weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, especially in the mountains. Make sure you pick a coat you love and pack some of your favorite winter accessories to have a cozy engagement shoot.

Extra Items to Think About

If you want to add some more detail to your Colorado engagement photos, think of other items you want to bring to your shoot! If you have a dog and the location allows it, bring them along and snap a few pictures together! Other items you can bring can look like a blanket to sit on, some champagne or sparkling water if you want to do some bottle popping photos and any other accessories or items that represent you as a couple. Have loads of fun with this! We want this session to scream your love from the rooftops!

Kind Words From My Couples After Their Colorado Engagement Photos!

“I hired Dani to take engagement photos of my fiancée and me and it was the best decision I could have made! We were traveling from Boston to Colorado, and after a location change caused us to move the photo session 6+ hours away, I was nervous I would have to find a new photographer, but Dani was more than willing to make the trip with us! Dani is a total professional, but also a ton of fun. We left the photo session feeling so great about the photos and so happy to have a new friend in Dani. We love the photos she took so so much, and have them hanging all over our house! I could not recommend Dani more, and am so thankful to her for capturing our engagement so beautifully!” – Allison

“My husband and I visited Colorado while on a cross-country road trip, and met up with Dani in Colorado Springs. It happened to be our 5 year anniversary, so it was the perfect opportunity to take some photos! We had the best time exploring the Garden of the Gods and shooting with Dani, and we cherish the photos she took of us that day. As a photographer myself, I can say that Dani is one of the most attentive, kind, and talented photographers I know!” – Hope

“We had such a wonderful experience with Dani!! She was able to capture some fantastic “fridge photos,” beautiful candids, and some great ones of our dogs being their crazy self! She made us feel comfortable as it was both of our first times getting professional photos done! I highly recommend using Dani for your photographer!” – Abby

Dani Haims Photography | Colorado Wedding + Couples Photographer

I’m so excited to be able to capture your magical Colorado engagement photos! If you are ready to start planning an epic and adventurous engagement photoshoot in Colorado, then look no further. Check out my contact page so we can get started planning your epic engagement session next!

And, if you are looking for more inspiration on what your engagement session can look like with me by your side or are curious about where your Colorado engagement session should be located then check out my blog for more of my couples’ experiences to help you with this process!

All love is celebrated here! This business is proudly LGBTQ+ owned. I welcome folks of every sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, race, age, ethnicity, national origin, and ability. I do all that I can to be inclusive and loving to all people. As long as you’re a kind human, I’m down to work with you!


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What To Wear For Your Colorado Engagement Photos

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